Optical Fiber


Services provided


  • Survey of the area (all buildings identification and characterization, infrastructure, addresses, and other relevant info for performing the optical design).

Macro & micro cellularisation

  • Define cell boundaries, optimizing Infrastructure, Distance to CO (Attenuat.);
  • Cable planning in QGIS and infrastructures to be built in Autocad;
  • Network configuration;
  • Table Net;
  • Schematic Net.

Optical project design

  • High Level design definition, where the area is divided in cells covering approximately the same amount of premises;
  • Elaborate schematic drawings for the designed network and configuration tables to link the network devices or define the Central Office allocation.

Permits & Licensing

  • Negotiation process with municipalities and different building owners, including conventions for the use of infrastructures inside buildings and façades, to speed up the approval of the construction. In specific projects, it includes the whole process of permissions for the use of underground infrastructures and poles, including calculating their loads.

OSP (outsider plant) and ISP (inside plant) network inventory

  • All cables and equipment’s installed are recorded in specific inventory software owned by the network operator (ex: NETGEO, BLUEPAD, ACONEX).