Expanding electrical networks

With our multidisciplinary teams, you will benefit from an end-to-end engineering service for the development of new transmission networks – overhead, underground, including HV earth cabling, and marine cabling – and the expansion of existing networks. Our specialist engineers will manage all aspects of your projects, considering the grid requirements and business factors from your point of view. Take advantage of our services ranging from initial feasibility studies, through planning, and specification, to installation and monitoring.

Planning of electrical substation and transformers

Our multidisciplinary teams offer end-to-end engineering, and engineering procurement as well as a construction service for the development and expansion of substations and transformers for high-voltage and medium-voltage systems, either within power networks or at generation plants. We provide full design and construction of switchyards at any transmission and distribution voltage and ensure compliance with all legal rules and standards of the grid operators. As your engineering partner for all countries and sites we reduce project complexity and risk.

Grid connections

When you need to connect new generation plant and assets to the grid, we have the skills to handle all aspects of your project, from business, engineering and regulatory viewpoints. We can work with either network operators or generators to ensure that the generation plant is grid-code compliant. With our support you will be able to leverage commercial opportunities to operate your plant in ancillary markets and gain maximum value from your assets.

Development of local energy grids

For locations such as energy-intensive industrial sites or remote residential communities, local energy systems can significantly reduce your generation costs and provide access to new revenue streams by coordinating energy sources and aggregating buying power. If you are a network operator, a local grid can reduce or defer your capital investment and accommodate greater distributed generation within your system. We can provide solutions that integrate innovative power generation and storage technologies. We are independent – our bespoke solutions are designed for your specific needs rather than off-the-shelf solutions from an OEM.

Optimizing grid infrastructure

We can help you optimize your power quality and achieve improved levels of operational efficiency across your networks by sharing our experience of the latest smart technologies and digital techniques. Partnering with us gives you the opportunity to gain an early warning of potentially disruptive failures, and our analytical tools support you in increasing reliability and improving the operation of your assets. We employ the latest monitoring and analysis solutions to assess, manage, and extend the life of key components of your network, including transformers and switchgear. Count on us in the event of component failure. We swiftly identify the root cause and provide you with a sound diagnosis as the basis for future action, based on the specialist knowledge of our multidisciplinary team, latest testing techniques, and in-house laboratory facilities.

Telecom Grid

Jointing our expertise’s in Energy and Telecom Grids, we can easily optimize both sectors by incorporation of optic fiber into the energy grids.
That will increase capability of control and supervision of those grids and can add value through the promotion of partnerships with local Telecom Operators. In other hand, we have the skills to add and develop backbones of Optic Fiber to interconnect Telecom Grids when there aren't Power Lines available to use as it.