Optical Fiber


Geometric Talks uses Sullavista’s technology in greenfield projects to develop the survey and remaining planning of the fiber optic network. This software is based on two major modules, the Survey and Design.

The Survey allows:
  • Real-time data saving and consistency checks;
  • Interactive forms with custom fields and rules;
  • Custom database queries with detailed data based on geolocation and multiple format exports (KML, DWG, XLS, Shape Files and others).

The FTTH.CLOUD design module, on the other hand, makes it possible to combine survey data with external multi-layered data, which enables the design team to make the best decisions.

This cartographic design software allows us to obtain the following outputs:
  • KML Maps;
  • Network Synoptics;
  • Link Budgets;
  • Bill of materials;
  • Circuit list;
  • QGIS.